Leadership Lessons in the Koue Bokkeveld

We had so much fun taking Cool to Be Me to the Koue Bokkeveld!

The learners were eager to learn and took away some meaningful lessons. But don’t take it from us, let’s hear what some of the learners had to say about the day:

I will listen more to children who are struggling. I will also listen more to my teachers who can teach me how to do the right things.” – Luzel Meaker

I will use these skills from Cool to Be Me for my future. To make sure that I make sure….to stand out everyday leader with integrity and loyalty.” ­– Charity Raah  

“This will give me the opportunity to become a better person and also a real leader.” – Amanda Van Der Merwe


We would like to thank the principals, teachers and parents for their strong support of the learners who took part in the workshop. We can’t wait to see the young boys and girls reach their full leadership potential!

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Teammates Supporting Each Other in Khayelitsha!

One of the CoolPlay lessons that the rugby players in Khayelitsha have taken hold of is empathy for others. This was apparent in our latest rugby tournament held with our youngest rugby players all the way up to our high school players. We had teams cheering on other teams, older players looking out for the younger players and an atmosphere of positivity throughout the afternoon!


It was a full day of U9, U11, U13 and U18 matches played with passion and intensity but also with a whole lot of fun! With over 100 players in attendance, we could not have pulled it off without the strong support from our rugby champions, teachers and principals.

Thank you to everyone who attended and we are looking forward to our next Khayelitsha tournament!

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Building Leaders in Ocean View!

We brought Cool to Be Me to Ocean View last week, it was so much fun! We worked with 145 Grade 7 learners from Kleinberg Primary School!

 The teachers were involved in the workshop and provided us with valuable feedback:

 “The life skills taught were presented in a fun, yet meaningful manner. It was a lively presentation. The topic addressed was both relevant and necessary. The practical application, group work and interaction built confidence in our learners and got them thinking. All-in-all this programme was a seed sown, which will eventually bear fruit.”


The learners also learned a lot about what it means to be a leader, have empathy for others and what leadership qualities they have:

“Today I learned about what it takes to be a good leader and to be successful in life.”

 “I learned that we don’t know what someone else is going through so we need to help each other.”

 “That anyone can be anything as long as they try.”

 We are excited to be bringing Cool to Be Me to the Koue Bokkeveld later this week!

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Celebrating Mandela Day!

A big thank you to O’Brien Recruitment for choosing CoolPlay for their 67 minutes of service to honour Nelson Mandela!

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Mandela Day started early for O’Brien Recruitment staff to put together 400 sandwiches for our Khayelitsha participants. The boys and girls were delighted to receive cheese, jam and peanut butter sandwiches after their rugby and netball sessions on Thursday! We were able to provide sandwiches to all of our participants at all of our Khayelitsha schools!

We cannot thank O’Brien Recruitment enough for their generosity and thoughtfulness- what a way to celebrate Mandela Day!

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Cool to Lead in Stellenbosch

This week we have held another Cool To Be Me workshop with the Grade 7s at Rietenbosch Primary School. The day started off with the Grade 7s sitting in their different groups and they were not interested in mingling and getting to know each other. This quickly changed when Coach Damion started with a fun ice breaker and encouraged each learner to sit next to someone that they didn't know. From a difficult start, the mood quickly changed to learners wanting to get to know someone new!

The learners learned how to work in groups with new people, how to respect each other's opinions and left with new friends! But don't take our word from it, see what the learners took away from the day

We are excited to see how the Grade 7s use their new leadership skills for the rest of the year and into their Grade 8 year! Once again thank you for Cool To Be Me for allowing us to have a deeper impact on the learners at our CoolPlay schools! 

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Teaching Grade 7s that it's Cool to Lead!

This year we have launched a new initiative in collaboration with COOL TO BE ME (https://www.cooltobeme.com/), social and emotional learning specialists and curriculum developers, to teach our Grade 7s that it’s Cool to Lead! We kicked off our new initiative at Kuils River Primary with 160 eager Grade 7s, what a fun afternoon!

Our facilitators focused on teaching our learners what qualities are essential to be a good leader, how important followers are in leadership and how taking responsibility for your actions is key. It not only taught the Grade 7s about leadership but it brought the whole group together. They were able to learn new things about each other with empathy and active listening. But don’t take it from us, see what some of the Grade 7s had to say about what they learned:

“…a leader must always have respect and listen…”

“I learned that you need to be a leader with values inside yourself…a person who wants to be a leader needs to have respect for yourself and others.”

“I’ve also learned that you need to be true and honest with yourself and others around you. I’ve also learned that without respect or values you cannot call yourself a true leader.”

“I am proud to say that I learned more about leadership and it has really helped our class!”

We are so looking forward to our upcoming Cool to Lead Workshops!

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