Champion Profile: GJ Venter

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GJ is a former businessman who traded in his office in Johannesburg for a more hands on position in Bredasdorp, shaping the future of the youth of South Africa.

GJ has a huge passion for sports. Back in his school days GJ was a keen sportsman playing cricket, golf and soccer. GJ explains, however, that  it was rugby that taught him some of his most important life lessons; rugby helped him build the solid foundations that have made him into the man he is today. That man is a loving and supportive husband as well as a new father. GJ and his wife welcomed the birth of their first child in February this year. Congratulations GJ. Family is very important to GJ, and he credits his wife for helping him become a better man as well as encouraging him to share his passion for sports and his life experiences with those around him who are not so fortunate.

After hearing about CoolPlay through Education Connection, GJ found out that being a CoolPlay Champion is more than just being a coach, its being a mentor, friend and father to the children, “CoolPlay sessions not only impact the children that participate in them but also the larger community. The CoolPlay children share the life skills they have with those in their community. Each CoolPlay session you oversee, you get to see the child involved with it grow and develop it is amazing to see the difference you are making on that child’s life.Further, CoolPlay not only impacts the children’s lives but also the lives of the CoolPlay champions.” GJ vindicates this as he says CoolPlay has given him a new perspective on life and highlighted to him what is truly important. “CoolPlay is a fantastic program and it gives children the platform to play the sports they love as well as learn invaluable life lessons”.

Scott SloanComment