What CoolPlayers Say

The way they motivate us, they see inside you something you can’t see, they push you over your limits so the motivation is you can push yourself over your limits. They know what’s inside of you.
When we are playing we are not judging each other.
I was shy. I didn’t know how to play netball. Then I learned how to play, and how to communicate.
My old friends are in a gang now, and they are fighting. I made a decision to take myself out of there and focus on life. My mother said this is what I can do, and I proved it to her already, a few times. She was happy. It helped alot for me as a person.
CoolPlay has changed me a lot, what I learned, I’m a whole different person, ask anyone who knows me. My self confidence was boosted.
I wasn’t able to before, now I’m doing my homework more, and I’m able to balance school and my home life.
My school work, even my mother said it, I’m doing better now, I’m top 10.
I want to be different from other children. When they are playing netball, others are smoking. That’s why I want to go and join CoolPlay.

What Teachers Say

The success of CoolPlay lies in the fact that the coaches are there, rain or shine, building the trust and respect required to affect real change amongst our residents.

Through the structured rugby programme, they have assisted us in tackling some of the greatest challenges our residents are facing on a daily basis such as disillusionment, inter-personal conflict and frustration.

Our incident rate has drop tremendously. Our rugby residents are more focused on making a success of their lives.
— Mr A D Bantom, Bonnytoun Secure Care Facility
Even today, my child went today to the board, and tried a sum and she would never have done that before. It really helps with their cognitive development a lot.
— Sarepta Primary Teacher
The performance of the learners really improves. It’s because they aren’t afraid of trying, whether it’s maths or something. Whether they were shy before, and they think maths is hard but of late they just want to try something, they aren’t afraid of trying now
— Ukhanyo Primary Teacher

What Our Supporters Say

I think its a fantastic program, I experienced first hand today what you do - creating opportunities for kids and teaching life skills through sports. Make the most of it, enjoy every moment, and keep on learning.”
— Jean De Villiers, Captain, South Africa
Great day spent at @CoolPlaySA with Morne De Plessis, Sean Fitzpatrick, and Jean De Villiers representing @Laureus. Saw first hand the brilliant work CoolPlay do.
— Brian O'Driscoll, Ireland & British Lions
Through Coolplay anything is possible, and it’s great to be involved through the Laureus Foundation.”
— Schalk Brits, South Africa