Coach Thembani “The best coach I’ve ever had”
March 25, 2022

Off his own accord, this young U13 learner from Khayelitsha took to pen and paper to share his thoughts about CoolPlay and his Champion coach, Thembani:

“A very bad year once came over me. It was 2017 when my father died in a car accident. It was a bad year for me and then my mother lost everything; her job, money and the house because my father didn’t have insurance.

During that year I had started to play rugby where the CoolPlay coaches trained me how to play. After all that was happening at home, I became depressed and I was thinking of doing a lot of things…so I stopped attending sessions and went to a place where I could get professional help.

After 3 years, in 2020 I resumed CoolPlay coaching after Thembani invited me back. I was also involved in a pilot study with the school. I did this because I wanted to make my father proud of me.

I love rugby because my father loved it when he was a child. I want to be a rugby coach one day just like coach Thembani – he is the best coach I have ever had.

Now I can play rugby but I have also learned very good life lessons. I know that coach Thembani has a lot to teach me. I will never leave the sport of rugby.”