Cool to Lead in 2022
March 23, 2022

Apart from providing valuable life skills to children around the Western Cape, CoolPlay also offers a programme called Cool to Lead for grade 6 & 7 leaners. The once off workshop helps leaners to explore the concept of peer group leadership. Peer group leadership allows leaners to step up to lead when necessary and also use their power to follow, depending on what the particular situation requires.

The Cool to Lead workshop allows the peer groups to create an environment that is supportive, creative, fun and effective. It enhances the leaners’ ability to look beyond themselves and to understand that different circumstances require different ways of behaving and responding.

This workshop is lead by CoolPlay staff and Champions and teaches leaners that:
– Every individual possesses positive leadership characteristics and has the potential to develop others
– Every individual is intelligent and different – understanding how to identify your strengths and identify when and where you are able to lead
– The fluid transition of leadership within a group makes collaboration fun and effective
– An environment of mutual respect and appreciation needs to be created for success

Quotes from two grade 7 leaners from Khayelitsha on what they learned at the Cool to Lead workshop:

“Today we learnt how to be a good leader and being a leader is cool. (We learnt) to understand each other and respect each other so that you can succeed in your life.” – Chulumanco Sihawu

“Today we learnt to be a good leader and you must have confidence when you want to be something.” – Avile Kobokiya