Cool to Lead in Stellenbosch
June 13, 2019

This week we have held another Cool To Be Me workshop with the Grade 7s at Rietenbosch Primary School. The day started off with the Grade 7s sitting in their different groups and they were not interested in mingling and getting to know each other. This quickly changed when Coach Damion started with a fun ice breaker and encouraged each learner to sit next to someone that they didn’t know. From a difficult start, the mood quickly changed to learners wanting to get to know someone new!

The learners learned how to work in groups with new people, how to respect each other’s opinions and left with new friends! But don’t take our word from it, see what the learners took away from the day.

We are excited to see how the Grade 7s use their new leadership skills for the rest of the year and into their Grade 8 year! Once again thank you for Cool To Be Me for allowing us to have a deeper impact on the learners at our CoolPlay schools!