CoolPlay Champion Squad Training Day
October 7, 2021

The internal theme that drives CoolPlay is personal development and growth. Having strong and resilient Champions means that they are equipped to deliver the CoolPlay programme optimally for their squads, and also carve out their own paths for opportunity and growth.

On Wednesday 6 October, 31 CoolPlay Champions came together for the first time in over 18 months. There was an enthusiastic energy in the air and on a warm spring day, Erin Hall in Rondebosch was the heart of CoolPlay for the day.

Denis Handley (Volunteer Financial Executive) presented first on behalf of the committee and management. He applauded the Champions on their resilience over the last 18 months. He highlighted the role of an NGO and the fact that belief and passion are what make an organisations like CoolPlay possible. His message was of enormous thanks to each and every one of the amazing coaches who have been proud ambassador for CoolPlay in their communities and responded to the needs around them with exemplary bravery.

Chezlin Wilson then presented Bullyproof, a JAG Foundation initiative. Providing an array of skills and tactics needed to identify bullying and respond proactively. The Bullyproof method is strongly related to the CoolPlay curriculum which encourages Communication (Coaching Card5), Team Cohesion (Coaching Card 4) and Good Decision Making (Coaching Card 8), so it was enthusiastically absorbed by the Champions.

After lunch Johan Schlebusch, founding trustee of CoolPlay and former HR Executive delivered an interactive session on assertiveness and resilience. The Champions’ open involvement and personal story-telling around the themes was indicative of the close bond that is evident in the CoolPlay Camp.

Do you believe in organisational culture?

Team building across multiple sites is crucial CoolPlay, as it is a programme driven by strong values and common purpose. We’d like to appeal to any organisations that also believe in team development and a positive culture to consider partnering CoolPlay and supporting our Champion development.

We plan to host one Squad Training workshop like this per quarter and want to make our final year end event an exciting experience at a local adventure center. Please contact if you would like to learn more about how you can support our Champion Development.