CoolPlay Profile: Lukho Manzini
September 13, 2017

Lukho is 12 years old and plays for the U13 squad at Heathfield Primary. Her position is GS (goal shooter or GA (goal attack). She started off the season being one of the girls who was always enthusiastic about netball practice and being on the court. There has always been a positive energy coming from her but in the beginning she wasn’t always one of the players who stood out – she wasn’t as confident and extroverted like the other girls. As time has gone by, it’s been really great watching Lukho come out of her shell. Every time I arrive at the school, Lukho is always one of the first learners to approach me and offer to assist me with carrying my kit to the courts.

Lukho’s favourite game to play is the ‘No Rules game‘. She enjoys playing this game because she gets to play with her friends whilst learning about the importance of implementing rules in your life. Lukho says that the CoolPlay programme has made her physically stronger and more knowledgeable about netball. Lukho says CoolPlay days are her favourite school days and her favourite period of the day.

Lukho is beginning to show strong leadership qualities. She is smart, kind, respected and listened to by her peers. She has shown a lot of growth and personal development by always putting others before herself. I am very excited to see how Lukho continues to grow with the CoolPlay initiative and how she uses what she has learnt within in her school environment and community.

Mpai Rampou, CoolPlay Champion