CoolPlay Profile: Rick-Lynn’s Story
September 6, 2017

“The reason why I started with CoolPlay is that I could see the other boys in the squad enjoying themselves. I never knew I could play rugby but now that I am playing I am really enjoying it. What I enjoy most are the Coolplay drills, especially the No Rules game, where I started to learn that having rules in your life is very important. Coach Damion and Coach Luke have played a huge part in it also, they always keep me on the right path, it’s like my wings are wide open and I just started to fly and there is no stopping me now. I am 13 years old at the moment and I have a chance to play rugby at Belville High School through a rugby sport scholarship. If I do that I’ll use all the Coolplay material there and make sure I’ll always have a set rules for my life. So Thank You Coolplay, you really changed my life”.

Rick-Lynn, Kuils River Primary