CoolPlay’er Profile: Dwayne Abrahams
June 5, 2017

Dwayne Abrahams is a CoolPlay’er at Sarepta High. In May this year, 14 months after CoolPlay started at the school, his mother hurriedly came to see Coach Luqmaan. “Because of Coolplay and the life skills they teach I have seen him change a lot.’ She said ‘I can now rely on him to always be there and help with stuff at home. Where in the past he smoked dagga and was part of the ‘wrong things’ in life, Dwayne is now an RCL leader (Prefect) at school. Not just this, he started to run for the athletic group and in one of his first outings he got Western Province colours for the 3000m boys!” In his own words Dwayne said “I believe Coolplay came at the right time and I took the opportunity at the right time as well to change my life. I use all the skills I learn at each practice to my advantage and I still use it; thanks to Coolplay I am a better boy and a better individual.”