Get to know CoolPlay Ambassador – Travis Graham
September 23, 2021

1) What are the lessons and values that you learned from participating in sport?

As a professional sportsman I fully believe that one needs to be willing to give 100% in hardwork and dedication. Even though it is an amazing accomplishment to perform at the highest level of football in the country, one needs to remain humble and remember where they come from to be a suitable role model to the younger generation.

2) What is your sport of choice to participate in / to watch?

Being a football player, football is definitely number one, but I enjoy watching all sports from F1 to tennis.

3) What is your greatest achievement to date?

My greatest sporting achievement would be that I am the youngest captain to lift a cup trophy. It shows that no matter your age, you can always achieve whatever you put your mind to.

4) What is it about the CoolPlay Way which resonates with you?

I love that CoolPlay uses sport to bring hope back into the youth. That children are educated about life through sport and are able to use these lessons in their own lives.

5) Personal mantra or motto that gets you out of bed in the morning?

Just one more day. Whenever I go through hardships or uncertain times, I always tell myself “just one more day”. Just one more day of hard work,dedication and perseverance. Because just one more day could change the rest of your life.