Growing Participants into Champions
December 4, 2019


Bradwin Louis has learned a lot from CoolPlay these past four years:

“I have learned to respect others no matter your age, race or gender. Today I’m finished with school and received a few diplomas all because I was taking in everything CoolPlay has taught me and I am still learning from them. They encourage me to achieve and be successful. When I look back I didn’t really know how to deal with daily issues confidently. They’ve really made a big change in my life and because of them, today I’m a role model. CoolPlay made me disciplined, dedicated and determined towards life.”

Now that he has matriculated, he has decided to take a gap year and use the time to make an impact as a CoolPlay Champion. He will be working at Kuils River Primary as a rugby champion.

“I see myself as being an honorable and honest champion who will give it my all from day one, no matter the ups and downs and doing my best to positively influence kids’ lives from all over.”

We look forward to seeing the impact that Bradwin will have on the kids that he will be working with next year!