Impact A Thank You from Sinothando
May 6, 2019

This month Sinothando from Bulumko High School in Khayelitsha wrote CoolPlay a thank you note:

“Dear CoolPlay,

I write this letter to thank you for the wonderful things you’ve done for us as Bulumko learners.

It pains me so much that that most black public schools are deliberately being ignored in sport. There is so much talent in these schools, but all that we need are resources. We thank you CoolPlay for giving us great opportunities and extraordinary adventures.

As netball players, we have been to few tournaments that helped us improve our skills and techniques. This helped us boost our ego and strived for more upcoming games. We have been to the beach with our school rugby team where we played exciting games and made us happy. We even get sponsors as netball players. We even do “Girls Talk” with our CoolPlay coach. It has helped us in a way that we now know how to deal with our social and private life. We are so grateful to CoolPlay.

Yours faithfully, Sinothando.”