Leadership Development in Kuils River Primary
April 20, 2021

We have kicked off another year of focusing on developing strong, confident and positive leaders in our partner schools. Part of our commitment to developing leaders is the Cool TO BE ME program that we take Grade 7 learners through.

This year we started at Kuils River Primary School and had 176 Grade 7 learners partake in the Cool To Be Me Collaborative Leadership workshop. It was a fun and interactive day. This allowed the classmates to learn that leadership is the ability of the peer group to create an environment of individuality, mutual respect and collaboration that allows for the fluid movement between members of the group stepping up to lead, or using their power to follow, depending on what type of characteristics and intelligence each situation requires from each other and to create their own leadership style.

We are excited to see how these Grade 7 will use their positive influence as the leaders of their school, at home and in their communities!