NEW HUB ALERT – District 6 in collaboration with the Otto Foundation
March 23, 2022

CoolPlay and the Otto Foundation have collaborated to enhance the holistic development and chance of success of learners in four schools in District 6, Walmer Estate, Cape Town. This is being done through the implementation of the CoolPlay programme (sport-based life skills) alongside the impactful learning, literacy, and whole-school support that the Otto Foundation has been providing to the schools for the past four years.

The aim of the Otto Foundation is to help four partner schools become centres of excellence as they historically once were and deserved to be again. To date this has been done by building libraries, implementing literacy programmes, supporting staff and salaries, introducing psycho-social support services for learners and staff, building e-literacy programmes and developing feeding schemes.

Sport and physical education have been sorely lacking within many low fee / no fee schools. A gap which has been exacerbated by COVID 19 lock downs, where the focus of education has been on children completing the required curriculum with reduced teaching time. However, the physical well-being of a learner is tantamount to the overall learning and development of a child; one cannot teach a physically unwell child.

It is the belief of all partners involved, including the schools’ leadership, that sport and physical activity, integrated with a structured life skill programme, should be prioritised in the school day.

When learners are having fun within a team environment, valuable life skills are learned, and personal growth can happen.

The CoolPlay Champion coaches are positive role models trained to guide these sessions within a safe space.

When the Otto Foundation approached the four school principals at the end of 2021 with CoolPlay, they were met with great excitement, and adjustments were made to the school day to accommodate the new offering.

“We believe that physical education supplements our curriculum objectives and will relieve the learners of a great number of stressors that act as barriers to learning.”

 – Principal

The CoolPlay programme relies on complete school buy-in, which in this situation is without question.

After three weeks of programme delivery there have been a total of 4 Champions operating in the area (with another to commence in term 2) and 21 sport (netball and soccer) sessions took place.

The District Six area has potential which has been proven through overwhelming commitment from the schools, partners and the learners.  Should there be any foundations, corporates or individuals interested in bringing back a positive culture of sport to this lively area WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO KEEP THIS GOING – Please contact Tori on