NLP Champion Training
CoolPlay Champions
July 1, 2022

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (‘NLP’) provides the tools and techniques to help you at home and in the workplace to:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Act consistently with congruence and integrity
  • Motivate yourself and others
  • See solutions rather than problems
  • Create actions to make a real difference

At CoolPlay, we believe that these skills enable our Champions to understand themselves more, and in doing so “pour from a full cup” when dealing with their CoolPlay learners.

On 28,29 and 30 June, sixteen CoolPlay Champion coaches and the Management Team attended an NLP Course with long-standing partners, The Trust Connection. Many of the Champions are new to the programme, yet their approach to life and the material clearly showed why they have been drawn to the CoolPlay Way and how they value their positions as CHAMPIONS within their communities.

The workshop started off with Tori (CEO) paying tribute to late Johan Schlebusch, who was a strong believer in NLP and founder of the CoolPlay Way. The team then went on to describe the key characteristics and values that a Champion at CoolPlay needs to possess. Below is what was collected as a team:

C: Confident, Caring, Communicator, Composed, Courageous, Consistent, Calm

H: Honest, Helpful, Humble, Hopeful, Honourable, Humorous, Hard Working

A: Approachable, Accountable, Athletic, Attentive, Aspirational, Awesome

M: Motivating, Mentor, Model (role), Measured, Magic

P: Positive, Proactive, Passionate, Present, Patient, Punctual, Planner

I: Inspirational, Innovative, Ignited, Impactful, Inclusive

O: Open-minded, Optimistic, Observant, Organised, Op-it

N: Natural, Neutral, Noticeable, Nurturing, (focused on the) Next Step

Through this valuable workshop, Champions were challenged to define their ‘Essential Self’, identify their personal values and align those with CoolPlay and their hopes for South Africa. The techniques and processes that were practiced were relevant and will help the Champions to support their learners towards setting and reaching their own goals.

Thank you to Zaynub from the Trust Connection for this engaging workshop.


CoolPlay Champions are the lifeblood of this organisation. They are determined, positive agents of change and we want to continue supporting their personal development within sport, mentoring/life coaching. If you’d like to support their journey’s, please consider donating to CoolPlay and send proof of payment to with CHAMPION BOOST in the subject line.