Sport-specific squads

Sport-specific squads within the various partner schools are identified according to a chosen sport. Rugby, netball, hockey and soccer squads meet consistently.
The Champions use different CoolPlay Coaching Cards at each session. They adapt specific drills to each of the themes represented on the cards.

We aim for our Champions to deliver 1.5 hours long sessions to each squad twice a week for 40 weeks of the year to have meaningful engagement where personal growth can happen.

Sport-specific clinics & mini-tournaments

Sport-specific clinics & mini-tournaments are hosted over weekends. Learners from outside of the programme are encouraged to join regular participants and meals are provided.

Termly competitions

Termly competitions provide opportunity to reinforce positive behaviours and interact with children from different communities.

Learner outings

Learner outings enable experiential learning for the squads and often the very act of leaving their own communities broadens the horizon of what is possible.

Mini-Sport (with Cool to Be Me)

Some Champions are trained to deliver Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) specifically to Foundation Phase (Grade 1 -3) learners. Where accepted by the school the Champions deliver mini-sport sessions with SEL between the end of the school day and when the learner transport arrives.

Research shows delivering SEL training during these critical ages helps leave long-lasting positive affects on a learners’ social & emotional competencies.

Cool to Lead

Cool to Lead is a leadership workshop for learners in their final years of junior school. The programme incorporates the lessons from the CoolPlay Coaching cards in a short presentation. The emphasis is on identifying a learner’s strengths and weaknesses and prepares them for the transition into the position of leadership and authority that they will be exposed to for the first time in Grade 7.

CoolPlay educator workshops

CoolPlay educator workshops aim to encourage teachers to adopt the CoolPlay Way in other areas of the school. Promoting the concept of social and emotional learning as a whole-school ethos.

Measuring Impact

We are committed to positive social change at a community level. To show this, we are accountable to all our partners. Our impact is measured at a learner, coach, parent/guardian level as well as at partner schools.

To measure our impact a mix of qualitative and quantitative tools are used.

TEAMPact App

The TEAMPact App collects detailed information regarding session attendance & delivery from field side that can immediately be read on the digital dashboard. This is analysed for overall programme delivery & impact evaluation.


Hello Insight

Hello Insight is a social & emotional learning measurement tool which grades learners’ competencies against global standard.

Focus groups

Focus groups are conducted by external providers which enhance our understanding of the impact of the programme as felt by those on the frontlines.

Since CoolPlay committed to the agenda of development through sport and play the following noteworthy successes have been identified:

The successful roll out of 5 strong CoolPlay hubs, namely: Khayelitsha, Stellenbosch, Northern Suburbs (Kraaifontein & Kuilsriver), South Peninsula (Masiphumelele & Ocean View) & the Koue Bokkeveld.
Continued programme delivery throughout the COVID lock down periods. Champions were invited into partner schools to deliver CoolPlay curriculum within the Life Orientation classes. Proving versatile content and Champion competence.
Improved academic results of engaged learners as reported by educators.
Ongoing positive reporting of CoolPlay efficacy within schools from educators and principals.
Marked behaviour/attitude improvement resulting in better classroom engagement and a reduction in misconduct and absenteeism. (As reported by educators.)
Selected learners attaining sport and academic scholarships at high-profile schools.
24 CoolPlay learners have been identified to demonstrate strong sporting talent and have been given provincial recognition.
7 participants of the programme have become Champions and role models for those younger than them on leaving school.

Case Study


Claudia Mans is a 17 years old at Sarepta High School. Here is her story:

“I started with Netball last year, and at first I was a bit hopeless – sometimes sport codes at the school just stop, but CoolPlay soon showed me that they are here to stay. Before I started with the program I had a huge anger problem, I would snap for just anything, the reason is that I come from a background where I have to fight for what’s mine and I must protect myself. I am person who does not trust people easily but then again CoolPlay showed me how to trust and to care for others.

CoolPlay turned my life around. I remember when Coach Luq told us about the “Do Over”. He said in life we all make mistakes but the big question is how we change our mistakes into success. Well I thought about what he said and it made me think, if I never forgive myself and put my mistakes in the past I’ll never go forward in life as a person, and that is when I told myself anything is possible. He also taught us that life is more then just playing Netball it’s about setting goals and having the right values, what we do on the court we should do off the court. I really look up to coach Luq his like a father/brother/Hero to me. He keeps his word and always opens up to us.”



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