The Do-Over – The CoolPlay Way
May 17, 2022

It all started a few weeks ago, when CoolPlay had a very interesting set of netball matches lined up between two intensely competitive schools. The environment had been set for a riveting CoolPlay experience. However, the nature of the competition took over both teams and coaches who were unable to maintain respect for their opponents and peers on the court. Due to a lack of sportsmanship and failing to live up to the CoolPlay Way – the matches were called off immediately.

To honour the CoolPlay Way, the management team jumped into action to put steps in place to rectify the wrongs shown on the day and the curriculum was used as a guide to mitigate the situation. The CoolPlay Coaching Card which focuses on, “Maintaining Composure” and a strategy called, “The Do Over” was used. The Do Over is all about reflecting on what went wrong, problem solving and re-planning. It is an opportunity to learn from mistakes and prepare to make a different choice next time. The four principals of the do over are: STOP, BREATHE, THINK & TRY AGAIN.

This is exactly what was done by bringing the same teams and coaches together a few weeks later. A positive and healthy environment was created with a focus on togetherness & friendship rather than on rivalry. The coaches were also given the opportunity to apologise to one another and this then set a positive tone for the day.

The Do Over done the CoolPlay Way mended the relationships between the two teams and coaches and led to a fantastic display of sportsmanship and fun at the eventual rematch. So much so, that the coaches themselves joined in on the action and played on the court with their respective teams. These CoolPlay coaches set the example by being positive role models in the lives of the learners they are CoolPlaying, and is a statement to the power of the CoolPlay curriculum and its ability to create positive change.

Everyone involved in CoolPlay strives to inspire the beneficiaries of the programme through the CoolPlay Way & this story is an example of how change takes time, but with a dedicated team of Champions, the dream of creating a better tomorrow is truly and actively possible through the POWER OF PLAY.