U13 Rugby Tournament displaying the true CoolPlay Way
May 5, 2022

On Friday 29 April 2022, CoolPlay hosted an U13 rugby tournament at the Cloetesville Sports Grounds. Teams attended from Sarepta Primary and Kuilsriver Primary from the Northern Suburbs; Cloetesville Primary, Pieter Lanageveld Primary and Rietenbosch Primary from Stellenbosch and from Khayeltisha, teams came from Exluolweni Primary and Ikhwezi Primary.

For some of the 120 learners present this was the first time that they were playing rugby competitively. For the organising CoolPlay Champions, this event was something that they have been building their teams up to for weeks prior to the event.


The objective of any CoolPlay event is to create opportunities for life lessons to be learned. Sport as a foundation creates so many chances for this and CoolPlay Champions are trained and ready to make those lessons meaningful. One great example from the day was when one of the novice U13 rugby players from Kuilsriver Primary rolled the ball across the try-line. It was the first time that this tall and energetic boy had played a rugby match and he didn’t know that he needed to place the ball in order to score a point.  This mistake could have led to an eruption of disappointment from his teammates, however, in a true example of the CoolPlay Way – the Champion coach ran over to the boy, gave him a high-five and explained how it should be done next time. The rest of his team, who could have been distraught, were equally as supportive and there were smiles throughout the team as they chose to build their team mate up, rather than break him down for a mistake.

The tournament ended with a hearty meal provided by Stellenbosch Food Lover’s Market and the local Rietenbosch Primary being awarded rugby victors for the day.


In honour of the CoolPlay Way and the late Johan Schlebusch (founding trustee of CoolPlay), it was a poignant moment, when Sarepta Primary were awarded the Johan Schlebusch Shield for displaying team spirit in the CoolPlay Way. On receiving the shield, one coach could be heard saying “We are making history boys. Imagine what is possible!

More CoolPlay events are scheduled to take place throughout the Western Cape over the next few months where more and more children will enjoy the excitement of competition. To support CoolPlay’s tournaments, with funding towards the leaners meals, medic fees or transport for the learners, please contact tori@coolplay.co.za or visit our website to donate: https://www.coolplay.co.za/donate/.