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Coaching skills for life

Our Mission

To create meaningful change in under-resourced communities. To develop resilience & the skills children need to cope with life’s challenges & become positive agents of change.

Why CoolPlay?

A learner’s ability to succeed academically, professionally and personally is strongly correlated with their social & emotional intelligence. However, these critical skills are not being taught consistently (if at all) in the schools or homes where we work. Our primary objective is to address this gap by teaching valuable life skills, setting learners up for success as they navigate life.

CoolPlay has the power to break the cycle.

Our programme and projects contribute to achieving gender equality and reducing inequality as participants develop critical social & emotional skills, which help them achieve more in life.

In doing this, CoolPlay identifies with the targets set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals 3,4,5,8,11.

Teaching Kids Confidence Resilience Empathy

How you can help

If you understand the value of social & emotional intelligence and the right to play in safety – we’d like your support. Become an advocate for the CoolPlay Way and help us change lives.




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